Todd produces results through one primary mechanism; fierce, focused, and supportive conversations - one conversation at a time. Read more about how he works with you.

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Todd Musselman

Todd Musselman
Timberline Leadership Founder

Meet Todd
  • Speaking

    Inspired conversations one audience at a time...

    Todd offers a range of presentation topics designed to promote change, expand the audience's thinking and inspire people to take responsibility for not only their actions but also their current results.
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  • Leadership Training

    Todd creates a culture of ownership within organizations.

    His work in the area of cultural transformation is cutting edge and it consists of two integrated modules focused on initiating and implementing a deliberately created culture.
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  • Executive Coaching

    Creating your life….one conversation at a time.

    That one sentence completely summarizes Todd's coaching philosophy. Simply put, his coaching revolves around a series of powerful, vulnerable, directed and uplifting conversations focused on one outcome, producing the breakthroughs you want in your life….period.
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Interested vs Committed

Video-Interested vs Comitted

In this short video, Todd speaks to the power and action that comes from understanding the difference of being truly committed as opposed to just interested.

Getting "From" Challenges


Rather than just get "through" a challenge, problem or setback, Todd explains how getting "from" an experience can empower a person or organization to create greater results.

Accepting "What Is"

Video - Accepting What Is

Real results come from taking complete responsibility for one's place in life. In this video Todd tells the story of how a sales organization was transformed by accepting this principle.

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