The Gap

“The Gap” as I define it is the difference between what you say you want in your life versus the results you’re actually producing. For instance, let’s say you want to make $90,000 per year, but you’re actually making $65,000. That’s a gap, and a pretty big one at that.. I have never met a […]

20 Feet

Twenty feet, it’s a pretty short distance really, but to me it’s one of the more interesting distances in the human condition.  The twenty feet I’m talking about is the approximate distance between your back door and your car door.  In my experience, a lot of decisions are made inside those twenty feet that have some […]

The Hidden Cost of Silence

“I want you to think about something…..silence is acceptance. In other words, whatever you remain silent about in your life, you’ve accepted as being OK”. I vividly remember the first time I heard that statement and the impact it had on me. I was participating in a company training and our facilitator threw that out […]