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As a speaker, Todd’s biggest asset is his ability to connect with his audience in an authentic, personal and inspiring way. Utilizing a blend of humor, stories, music and audience participation, Todd’s presentation has repeatedly created an experience that produces lasting results for both individuals and the organizations in which they work.

Todd’s commitment with any group is to provide an experience that is fun, thought provoking, interactive and produces a result that participants can use in their life both personally and professionally.

Video – Accepting “What Is”

Video - Accepting What Is

Creating the Ownership Mindset

The backbone of Todd’s presentation – Creating the Ownership Mindset – is the distinction between the victim mindset vs. the ownership mindset. In working with thousands of individual’s, both in trainings and as a coach, it’s been Todd’s experience that the primary determinate of performance is an individual’s mindset. In this regard, he has concluded that people generally operate in one of two distinct mindsets: either the victim mindset or the ownership mindset. The results we create from each state are vastly different.

The primary determinate of performance is an individual’s mindset.

When we are operating as a victim, reacting to our circumstances, our energy is low and the results we produce are minimal. When we are operating as an owner, creating our circumstances, our energy is high and the results we produce are powerful. Have you ever considered how you are being at any moment in time:

  • Are you operating as a victim or an owner?
  • Are you reacting or creating? Do you know the difference?
  • What choices are you making as a result of your mindset?
  • How can you make more powerful choices and increase your likelihood of producing greater results both for yourself and for the organization in which you work?

These are some of the questions that Todd addresses in his presentation.

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Who Is This For?

Whether you are a business owner, manager, sales professional, performer, spouse, parent, or student, the mindset you choose in any given situation literally shapes your life and those with whom you are connected. Please join us in exploring how you can create powerful results through the choices you make… choice at a time.


This presentation has created transformative results in a variety of audiences, ranging in age from young adults to retirement age groups. Todd has worked with a wide array of businesses from small, family owned businesses, to sports teams and organizations, to Fortune 500 companies.

Video – Customer Service

Todd Musselman

Presentations to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

Each presentation is tailored to the specific needs of the group or organization with a strong focus on maximizing personal responsibility (ownership) and individual performance. Some of the organizations that have benefitted from this training include:

  • Microsoft
  • Qwest
  • GE
  • Motorola
  • Wells Fargo
  • IBM
  • Williams Natural Gas Co.
  • ReMax
  • Fidelity Title
  • Prudential and many more.

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Video – The Victim’s Anthem

Todd Musselman

Leadership Training

Todd MusselmanCreating a Culture of Ownership

Our work in the area of cultural transformation is cutting edge. It consists of two integrated modules focused on initiating and implementing a deliberately created culture.

2 Modules

Module 1 – Ownership

The first module focuses on creating an ownership perspective for every individual in the organization. The training is interactive in nature; the participants actually experience the difference between being an owner of their life and their career vs. being a victim in their life and career. Though generally done in a team setting, the training is individually based in that each member of the organization uses the training to call forth their unique leadership skills that apply to their background and areas of expertise. The Owner/Victim training provides a common ownership language throughout the organization that greatly increases accountability and buy-in.

Module 2 – Agreements

The second module focuses on the power of agreements and acknowledgement specifically as it relates to managing by agreements vs. expectation. In this module, the individual will experience what it feels like to create affective agreements and how that serves both the individual and the organization. In addition, each individual will receive training in the art of acknowledgement, how to appreciate and acknowledge fellow employees in a way that actually generates results and buy-in.

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Finally, in addition to the organizational training, We offer powerful one on one coaching for executive team members that generates results that are both time phased and measurable.

Results you will experience:

  • Increased efficiencies in teamwork
  • Open “owner based” communication and an
  • Overall organizational alignment and
  • A culture run by agreements rather than expectations
  • Increased buy-in from the entire employee base
  • Increased accountability
  • Open communication with an up and down flow of ideas
  • Increased profits

Video – Interested vs Committed

Video-Interested vs Comitted

In this short video, Todd speaks to the power and action that comes from understanding the difference of being truly committed as opposed to just interested.


Creating your life….one conversation at a time.

That one sentence completely summarizes our coaching philosophy. Simply put, our coaching revolves around a series of powerful, vulnerable, directed and uplifting conversations focused on one outcome, producing the breakthroughs you want in your life….period.

Family Coaching

This is the content regarding Family Coaching.

Marriage Coaching

This is the content regarding Marriage Coaching.

Whether it is in the realm of business, relationship, spiritual connection or something else, each session is crafted for the uniqueness of your particular situation.

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The results are created through a process of inquiry, exploration, discovery and then implementation.

Our work is experientially based. We draw upon time spent in business ownership, sales, music, and a lifelong education in leadership and personal growth to produce a coaching relationship that is fun, supportive, challenging and ultimately life changing. It is an honor to serve our clients in this realm.

We love what we do and the results we create. What you can expect:

  • Measurable results in the area(s) of your choosing
  • Deep, directed, fierce conversations sprinkled with humor
  • Strategic goals and the tools to achieve them
  • Accountability to the things you say you want
  • Personal support within and between sessions

Video – Getting “From” Challenges


Rather than just get “through” a challenge, problem or setback, Todd explains how getting “from” an experience can empower a person or organization to create greater results.